Friday, October 18, 2013

Do not demoralise the CBI

The recent FIR by the CBI in Coalgate Scam has drawn flaks from industry associations and IAS lobby. The reason is simple. It has named two respectable and powerful persons in the FIR -  Kumar Mangalam Birla and former buereaucrat P.C. Parekh, both of whom belong to to the high echelon of the society.

Some argue that naming Mr. Birla in the FIR will demonish business and naming Mr. Parekh will demotivate bureaucrats. This will will move businesses outside India and will lead to decision paralysis in the governmnet. If business persons find greener pastures outside India, they will move there irrespective of whether FIRs name business persons or not. Bureucrats who aspire high positions will seldom be whistle blowers. Decision paralysis occurs due to political reasons and not at the will of governmnet officials. While saying so, we should accept that actions causing demotivation to governmnet officials or harrassment to honest entrepreneurs hurts the economy and the society. However, the dysfunctional effects should not be magnified.

Another news that is published today (October 18, 2013) is regarding Supreme Court's order  to the CBI to probe Radia tape criminality. SC has used harsh words. Radia tape scandal also involves respectable business houses.

Society needs businesses and entrepreneurs as businesses serve the needs of the society. Therefore, entrapreneurship should be encouraged. Political parties need funds for financing election campaign in a democracy and business provides a large part of the financial support. Therefore, nexus between political parties and business cannot be avoided. Bureaucrats often takes decisions on the direction of the political boss. Therefore, they should not be blamed for incorrect decisions. Perhaps, these are inevitable outcomes of democracy.

The hullabaloo on the FIR shows the CBI on a poor light. It may not be wrong to assume that the CBI has done its homework before filing the FIR. Therefore, to declare, at this stage, that the CBI action is foolhardy is laughable. We need institutions like CBI, Election Commission, CAG and judiciary to protect the interest of common citizens against corruption, criminalisation of politics and crony capitalism. Let us protect their independence. This is  the responsibility of all the citizens, who are powerful and opinion leaders irrespective of their profession or vocation.

It is quite likely that Mr. Birla,  business houses involved in Radia tape scandal and Mr. Parekh will come out clean. It is not that every one named in a FIR is found guilty. Naming a powerful person in a FIR makes a sensational news. Therefore, media tempts into magnifying the issue and that makes those who are named  to worry about blemish on their social stature. But creating a fuss on a FIR that names powerful will demoralise the officials working for those institutions that are pillars of democracy. Let us stop demoralising them. Media has to take the lead.

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